Are you ready to ditch the 3-Way calls?
Are you ready stop with the endless coffee conversations? 
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7 Minute Launch Formula Blueprint!
It's a 60-minute training that teaches you how to create a social media launch and generate momentum that can attract customers and business builders! 
In fact, this is the EXACT way my team was able to earn 54 rank advances and promotions in just 4 days!
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So, why do you need this training session over ALL the others out there???
Because leveraging the power of Facebook Live can help you spark curiosity, generate engagement, and reach a large audience without burning through your valuable time!
And I am about to teach you EXACTLY how to do it.
I believe in gaining maximum returns with minimal sacrifice, and if you can follow this simple formula, you won’t have to repeat the same moves and invest the same effort over and over and over again.
Trust me...I did all the hard work for you.
So let's STOP wasting your precious energy and time and START!

Start growing. Start communicating. And start inspiring your audience.
"Thank you Julie Burke for teaching me this launch strategy, as I attribute much of my success to these teachings. I used Julie’s launch formula method which is so simple and I rank advanced 13 times in my new company in just six short weeks. I quickly hit the top ranks and was shocked.. None of this would have been possible without following the launch formula. The best part is my team has done the same thing and they too have had their most successful launches. It’s duplicateable and works! Thank you Julie for all of your help!!!"
- Julie Reynolds
Here's what you'll discover in this training...
  •  Why Facebook Live can be the most valuable item in your business-building toolkit.
  •  How to reach a wide audience WITHOUT the hassle, preparation, and childcare issues involved in living-room parties and three-way calls.  
  •  My personal strategies to make a professional impression with countless viewers and get the tags you need to target a narrower prospective audience.  
  •  How you can leverage the power of the TRANSFORMATION.
  •  PLUS... I'll show you real life examples!!
My Formula is Easy to Implement, and it’s Proven to Work
No more constantly hiding from your kids to conduct 3-way calls.

No more relying on your upline to be on those 3-way calls.

When you leverage the power of a live online launch, you’ll gain:
  •  The freedom to launch whenever and wherever you choose.
  •  The ability to repeat moves and models that work without starting over from scratch.
  •  An audience who wants to learn more and are ready to take a transformation journey with you.
In this blueprint session, you’ll gain proven strategies that have worked for dozens and dozens  of successful business builders

(including me!)
And you’ll learn how to make the most of your own time—No more hours wasted on trial and error.

You’ll learn to focus on the TRANSFORMATION, not the product, and tell a story that gets viewers hooked.

Are you ready to take your story to a wider audience of motivated prospects?
Are you ready to follow a road map that will take you DIRECTLY to your destination?

In this training, I’ll walk you through the launch process from beginning to end, with no hold-ups, no disappointing cancellations, and most of all: no frustrating stops and starts!

Follow a path that’s proven to attract the attention you need and spark conversations that lead to questions.

TRANSFORMATION matters more than anything else —
And your transformation is happening now!
Get your copy of 7 Minute Launch Formula Blueprint for only $129 $37 NOW!
But don't wait! This offer is only good for a limited time!
"Launching my business using the launch formula transformed my online presence! I had spent months working online, without clarity or direction. My audience has no idea what I was doing, making it difficult to engage with them. Launching my business on social media using FB Live not only gave me the clarity and direction I needed, it helped me connect with my audience. In addition to being an easy to follow and extremely effective system - it is easy to teach others, who can teach others…. This has ensured duplication on your team!"
- Kris Peter
"The 7 min launch video has helped my business and my team see massive success because it teaches everyone the techniques of attraction marketing. No one wants to be spammed on social media and this style of launching a business creates curiosity. People engage in the video, and ask us for more information. No more cold messaging and begging people to take a look."

- Vicki Cook
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