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Here's a good question: 

Are You Ready to Turn Your Network Marketing Business into a Profit Making Machine Without Sacrifcing Your Life Building Your Dream Business?

If You're an ambitious network marketer and Ready to take your business to the next level, you're ready for
rapid enrollment system. This is the roadmap i used to take my business from zero to six-figures  in 12 months. 

Here’s the long and short of it: 
I've been in this profession for 8 year and I'm still building a team today. I've hit the top rank in my company in 8 months and earned over 7-Figures in this profession being a stay-at-home Mom. 

I understand firsthand the challenges you face in your business.  I'll tell you that having success inside your company has nothing to do with your product, comp plan or people.
What truly works is having a system and the ability to use social media to your advantage. It's the personal brand you're creating on social media that draws people in.

We're living in a different world and I personally don't teach old school methods. I'm not saying they don't work but I don't want to be tied to meetings, events and calls and I'm betting with your busy life... you DON'T either. 

Are you ready for it? 
I'm Going to Teach You How I Went From $600 a Month in Unemployment to 6-Figures in 12 Months.
Here's the Secret... 
 You want to Attract, Connect, Enroll & GROW your team. THAT'S IT! 
Sounds simple enough, but HOW? 

Everyone always wants to know the How. This is why I created this comprehensive program. 

Inside Rapid Enrollment System we cover Personal Branding, Team Building, Sales, Attraction Marketing, Rejection Free Closing, Leadership and much more.

Take a look below at Kathy's RESULTS! 😲

"Within weeks from starting Julie's program, I not only seen a BIG shift in my confidence but my business grew quickly. I personally sponsored 6 people in 7 days, PLUS 2 business builders  in 2 weeks by utilizing what she teaches inside this course. It's PRICELESS!"  -Kathy J.
If we’re all being honest here, everyone wants success. 
Very few people are willing to actually do what it takes to be successful. 

I see it all the time - Network Marketers get super pumped when they first sign up with a company. They dive headfirst into making everyone aware of what their new adventure by blasting it all over social... the wrong way! 

Sadly, the same people who are ready to change the world with their products are NOT fully prepared to discipline themselves and understand this business. 
Tell me if you’ve ever experienced the following :
You Received Rejections left and right by hitting up family and friends who have already been hit up by spammers. It's ok, move on.
You Hear How “CRAZY” you are for starting a Network Marketing business (because it’s all just scams, right)
You Get Discouraged feelings when others who signed up at the same time are killing it and you’re NOT. 
Rejections left and right early on (hitting up family and friends who have already been hit up by their family and friends)

Hearing how “crazy” you are for starting a Network Marketing company (because it’s all just scams, right)

Discouraged feelings when others who signed up at the same time as you are killing it in the game and you’re simply NOT
Experiencing all of those emotions and let downs can lead you to want to give up. DON'T!

This is why I created Rapid Enrollment System - 
A Complete Roadmap to Rapid Fire Your Growth in Your Network Marketing Business.

I'll teach you How to Attract, Connect and Enroll Quality Prospects Without the Struggle and Wasting Time.

You want a Mentor without shoveling out the big bucks. Someone that can teach you the ins-and-outs of this business so you can start reaping the rewards. 

Your Dream is to Grow a Team, Create Residual Income, Rank Advance, Stage Recognition, Build Community and Help others.

"Julie Burke is a great mentor, her fresh, no holding back approach spoke to me. I needed to unwind from my past based style of marketing that was not working for me. I got exactly what I needed in her training. Be me, Be Bold and Take Action every day! Thank you Julie!!!" - Jennifer

Confession time: 80 % Network Marketers Quit and I Get it, I almost quit too! 

I remember when my first objection came from my best friend, I was absolutely crushed!

She laughed in my face and openly made fun of me for taking part of what she called “a pyramid scheme”. That was exactly when I wanted to throw in the towel - call it quits right then and there. 

If she didn’t believe in me then who would? I went home and cried my eyes out. It was in that moment I had a conversation with my Mentor. She talked me into staying and that was the day I decided to take this business serious. 

My best friend was simply ignorant to me because I was ignorant to the entire Network Marketing industry! 

 Listen Up My Friend... 
Every single business has its own hurdles to jump over. 
I've built over 7 - Figures in residual income through my career with working 5 hours a week.  

When I owned my franchise stores, I NEVER would be able to build that compound effect like I am now.  To think I almost quit Network Marketing.

Where would I be? Where would my family be? Most important, other people's families?

The hurdles you will face are everywhere, and knowing how to get over them quickly with less time and pain will make all the difference. 

Your business will suffer if you think that you won't experience some difficulties - all you need to do is know how to navigate through them and that's why I created Rapid Enrollment System.

With Julie's Program, I went from being completely scared, no confidence to believing that I am worthy of all my dreams and desires no matter how big or small. I do not let fear hold me back anymore - I have reached out to my chicken list, I have added new business partners and customers - in just a short amount of time I have had tremendous growth and so many breakthrough’s and just wanted to thank Julie for all she has done for me” -Kerri P. 

I have good news for you..
I invite you to make that shift today and JOin...

Get Off The Struggle Bus!
Stop Feeling Frustrated!
Write Your Own Story!
Build Your Legacy!

Here's What You'll LearnInside...
Module #1: Transform Your Success Mindset
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • 10 Mindset Hacks to Remove Internal Blocks so You Can Start Building the Business You Desire: We’ll uncover your money story and chisel away the roadblocks standing between you and your goals.
  •  How to Quickly Shift Your Relationship With Money and How It Can Be Affecting Your Business 
  •  6 Steps to Create What You Want, Now 
  •  How to Get Unstoppable Confidence and Become Bulletproof 

Module 2: Brand, Attract, Monetize
Here's what you'll learn...
  • Bring Your Brand to Life in the Discovery Phase & Simplify Your Message
  •  Build Out Your ‘Ideal Prospect & Teammate’ So You Can Only Attract The Highest Quality People Who You LOVE Doing Business With 
  •  Utilize Social Media to Build a Rapid Following (Even If You’re Brand New) 
  •  Build a Thriving Business Utilizing Video Marketing – Even if You’re an Introvert. How I went from Zero to 5 Figures in 60 Days. 

Module 3: 21st Century Sales
Here's what you'll learn...
  • How to Authentically Sell and Market Yourself and Your Product/Service or Opportunity to 10X Results
  •  Sift, Sort and Qualify Prospects by Saying Less and Asking the Right Questions  
  •  Ignite Your Presentation – Create a Solid & Simplified Presentation That Sells 
  •  Follow Up Techniques to Motivate Your Prospect Into Taking Action 

Module 4: The Objection Overhaul
Here's what you'll learn...
  • Release Your Fear of Sales: Define, Simplify and Grow
  • 6 Step Formula to Win Over the Objection  
  •  Identify the Most Common Objections and Overcome Them With Total Ease 
  •  Learn the Different Responses to Overcome Each Objection that Fits Your Personality Type 

Module 5: Easy Close Methodology
Here's what you'll learn...
  • 8 Key Principles You Must Know to Close With Complete Confidence
  •  The Exact Questions to Ask to Move the Conversation Forward  
  •  A Step-by-Step Stress-Free Enrolling Blueprint 
  •  How to Ask For the Commitment That Will Lead your Prospect to the “Yes” 

Module 6: The 30X Duplication Process
Here's what you'll learn...
  • What it Takes to Become a Duplicating Leader
  •  How to Design a Duplication System that Offers Massive Results for Your Team and Their Success 
  •  The Top Reasons Why People Quit and How to Effectively Communicate With Your Team to Build A Team That Sticks, Produces And Stays 
  •  How to Create Leaders, Inspire and Build Retention Throughout Your Organization Without Spending All Your Time On Calls 

"What a powerhouse of a program! The value that Julie brings, was absolutely priceless for me. I am thrilled that I always have this program to reference back to when I need it. Julie's wisdom and experience with network marketing and coaching brought incredible value into every single conversation." - Amy Jo Davies

Bonus #1
Goal Setting Blueprint
    Tired of setting Goals that you won't stick to? Use my Goal Setting Blueprint to learn how to create actionable goals you'll continue to use 

    (Value $97)
    Bonus #2
    Step-By-Step Video Marketing Guide
    • A step-by-step breakdown of how to create an engaging FB Live, plus all the scripts, formulas and all the downloads you need.
    (Value $97)
    Bonus #3
    Done For You Social Media Images
    • Over 50 high quality images and ready to use graphics for you to swipe and add your own logo and quotes for engaging social media posts.
    (Value $197)
    Bonus #4
    7-Minute Launch Formula Training
    • ​A 60 Minute Step-by-Step Training that walks you through how to launch your business right, even if you've been in Network Marketing for Years. Includes 2 BONUSES, A Launch Formula Guide and 25 Top Engaging Posts.
    (Value $197)

    Rapid Enrollment System Is the Complete Blueprint to Building Your 6-Figure Business Online!

    Rapid Enrollment System Today
    for ONLY!

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed this program. I’m so pleased I said yes. I love Julie’s honest approach and methods, and the structure and content didn’t just meet my expectations, it exceeded them. I’ve done trainings with my network marketing company, but never really covered social media in much depth. I learned so much and have so many notes with countless Golden Nuggets!" - Deborah T.

    "Julie really hand picked the best speakers to share their knowledge, along with her own knowledge. I learned so much that I would have never learned without this training!" - Ashley
    This ProgramIs For You If...
    You want more financial freedom and a proven roadmap that works.
    You want freedom from that soul-sucking job that doesn’t light you up
    You want to grow a large team and excel month after month
    You want to build a business you can run around your life where you call the shots.
    You want the freedom to earn more money and create a better lifestyle for you and your family. 
    You want the exact 6-Figure Blueprint that I used to attract over 300 new team members.
    You want create an impact for other families and the world around you.
    You want stage recognition, you want to earn company trips & to see your team WIN!

    "Seriously, the content Julie provides inside Rapid Enrollment System is amazing, WOW! My confidence was dropping in my business until I went through this program. Julie gave me a fresh perspective and I loved everything she taught inside, especially the scripts, SO GOOD." -Ashley O. 
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