How Would You Like to Create A Massive Recruiting Surge Using Social Media In Just 
One Hour A Day? 
If you're a Motivated Network Marketer and Can set Aside ONE HOUR a Day to Doing a Few Simple Tasks... 
I’ll Show you HOW to:
  • ​Create More Authentic Connections on Social Media Without Spamming.
  • Reach out The Right Way On Social Media so People Actually Listen.
  • Utilize Attraction Marketing so More People Reach Out to You.
  • ​Build a Large Team and Duplicate This Process Over and Over.
  • ​​​Create A Wildly Successful Network Marketing Business From Scratch.
And MORE Importantly, How to Finally have Success in your Business WITHOUT the Usual Hustle, Bustle, Rejection, and Struggle Almost Everyone Faces.


You DON'T need a list. 

You DON'T need an advertising budget. 

You DON'T need a website.
All you need is just 60 minutes a day.

That's all this requires for you to start creating MAJOR momentum in your business and building up your prospects, your team and your residual income...
Check Out What a Few of Our Students Said After Going Through This Training…💛
Heather G

I Went From 50 Facebook Fans To Over 2,200 In Just Weeks...
“As a busy Mom who home schools her children, I was looking for ways to brand myself and learn how I can attract more people with Facebook. Within a few weeks I went from 50 followers to over 2,200. Julie’s social media strategies are priceless and they work!”
Cary N

35 New Team Members In One Month...
"After creating my first post on Facebook using what I learned inside Social Media Recruiter I got 7 customers for my Network Marketing company. With the 2nd post I enrolled another 6. This training helped me go from just about to give up on MLM to a team of 35 people in one month!"
Ruthanne G
Absolutely Fantastic Training
“Absolutely fantastic training! What a game changer! I’ve had training on using social media for growing a network marketing community, but none have been better than this!”
Here’s a little glimpse into what you’re going to discover inside this mini-bootcamp... 
Value: $997
  •  The absolute BEST WAY to connect with people online without being salesy or spammy. There’s no need to beg (as many network marketers do)… when you become a PRO at creating working business relationships.
  •  The one thing you should NEVER do when prospecting on social media. Lots of network marketers trip over this… which is making them look desperate, incompetent and outright annoying. 
  • A FREE TOOL anyone can use to immediately gain credibility. You’ll quickly bring down the shield and break through any resistance in a cold market. 
  • The RIGHT WAY to passively and actively prospect on Social Media. And why you need to do both to get the MAX number of people into your pipeline. 
  • Post creation secrets. 9 powerful ways to create a super engaging post and rally people around you. 
  • How to attract your IDEAL prospect. 6 posting tips that will ensure you get the attention of the RIGHT people…as well as the one type of message you NEVER EVER want to post on Facebook. 
  • 5 magic words you can use to kick off any post that will make you sound credible, believable and INSTANTLY engage your readers in an authentic conversation. 
  • Stop wasting your precious time with tire-kickers! Learn how to quickly turn the tables and make THEM do the selling instead. 
  • Hate the idea of cold prospecting? Here’s proven method for turning ice cold strangers into…
Highly Motivated Prospects Who Reach Out To YOU, But Why Listen to Me?

My career in Network Marketing began 8 Years ago and I'm still building a large global team.
I've personally generated 7-Figures inside my business, built teams of over 20,000 active members and our team does over $550,000 a month in sales.
I run my Network Marketing business from my phone and laptop anywhere in the world using ONLY social media! 

I Know My Stuff and Want to Make Your Life Easier!
I Want YOU To Start Getting Results NOW!!!
This social media recruiting training is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the biggest problem every network marketer on the planet has… 

How and where to consistently find people to recruit…and do it AUTHENTICALLY, in a way that feels good, without any resistance or rejection.

And I want to put this into your hands RIGHT NOW. 

You too can finally start having success and reap the REAL rewards this amazing industry offers. 

Whatever your “BIG WHY” is, when you have the knowledge, the skills and a proven plan to build a team and grow your income…

Belive me...
#1. 25 Proven & Highly Engaging Post Ideas- Value: $197: You’ll get my TOP 25 post themes and ideas you can start using on Facebook the moment the training is over. These are proven and powerful ways to gain attention and engage with prospects on Facebook… so that they reach out to YOU, as well as share these with their friends.

#2. 21 Word For Word Recruiting Scripts- Value $197: These simple scripts have been worth close to a Million Bucks to Julie. You’ll never get stuck on how to bring up your business opportunity to a potential prospect… regardless of WHO you talk to. You’ll get Julie’s 21 very best and easy to use conversation starters no matter what the situation is.

MORE Student Love and Their Results...💛
"This was so worth it! My mind just opened a ton of new horizons on how to market my skills and not just my mlm! This has changed my whole outlook, thank you!!" - Sue Lynn S.

"Thank you Julie, I have been looking for the past 4 months to find a step by step specific to Recruiting and you have given it to me, I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve this year." - Lisa P.

"It's so worth attending this webinar. I was so happy to wake up at 2 am to be ready to attend the live at 3 am. I was looking forward to it. Thank you a million!!" - Fusano N.

"Julie, your training so resonates with my personality. I kept trying to duplicate the top earners in my company. I was trying to be coachable but everytime I did what I was trained to do I felt ucky. I'm sure my prospects could sense that. Thank Julie for these tools to build my business." - Connie S.
So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose...
Even More Results!👇
"Julie's Social Media Training is simple to implement. I am ready to take clear action on multiple levels from what she taught. She over-delivered." - Lorena H.

"Thanks Julie! One of the most in-depth and practical training webinars I have been part of. Got huge value from it and will start implementing today. Worth the 4am morning!" - Gisela D.

"Thank you so much for the super awesome amazing training!!! I'm so psyched to kick it into high gear and already started connecting with others. So blessed to have a Mentor like you!" - Rebecca 
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