Discover How To Create A Massive Recruiting Surge In Your Business With Social Media… In Just ONE HOUR A DAY!
Discover how I personally sponsored 278 people... built a team of over 8,300 reps... and created a wildly successful business with this little-known system... and how YOU can use it to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS TOO!
Dear Friend,
If you’re involved in ANY kind of network marketing or direct sales, and can set aside just ONE HOUR per day to doing a few simple tasks… I’m going show you how to:
  • Start A Recruiting EXPLOSION
  • Build A Large Team
  • And Create A Wildly Successful Network Marketing Business From Scratch
You don’t need a list. You don’t need an advertising budget. In fact… you don’t even need a website.
Sounds a little too far-fetched?
Hang with me, because…
I Have A Story That Will Blow You Away...
And more importantly, show you how to finally have success in your business WITHOUT the usual hustle and bustle… rejection… and the struggle almost everyone faces.
Hi, my name is Julie Burke.

I started Network Marketing four years ago and I haven't looked back since.

In less than 4 years I leaped to the top of my company… built a huge team of 8,300 people… and made over $700,000 in commissions, overrides and bonuses. And I did it all...
  • Without chasing friends, family and neighbors.
  • Without calling a single person.
  • Without any kind of advertising, neither online or offline.
  • And without even having a website.
I never put together a ‘warm market list' and I haven't made a single cold call. I didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business)… as a matter of fact… I had 45 people REACH OUT TO ME in the first 12 days of my network marketing career. And…
Made $2,300 In My First Month
I skipped chasing friends and family… doing home parties… dragging people to meetings… and other such shenanigans. I was a Six-Figure earner just 12 months later. Building my entire business and a very healthy multi-Six Figure residual income with super effective and very straightforward Social Media tactics… without any kind of gimmicks.

Now here’s what’s even more amazing. My system works so well and is so simple to implement, that anyone who can commit to just 60 minutes a day and follow some simple instructions can have success with it.

And before I give you all the nitty gritty details, I want to introduce you to a few of my students…

Meet Lisa Koch.

Lisa was a full-time mortgage broker, and had very mediocre results after doing network marketing for about 4 years. It quickly changed once she started working with me.

Here’s what happened next…
I Replaced My Full Time Income At The Bank In 5 Months!
“Within 5 months of linking arms with Julie, utilizing her strategies, and taking persistent intentional effort daily, I was able to replace my full time income at the bank. Within the next year, it doubled. The following year it quadrupled, and continues to grow today.  Julie’s social media methods are simple, straightforward, and they work!”

Lisa Koch
Network Marketing Professional and Empowerment Coach
Now, meet Amanda.
Amanda is a Pancreatic cancer survivor who took a huge financial hit during treatment. She was discouraged and going nowhere until she took my course.
I Have Such Clarity Now!
"Wow! Awesome training! I have purchased several trainings and this course is the best one ever.
I seemed to hit a wall in my business and I've been wondering why my upline discouraged social media recruiting. I can't spend hours at Starbucks. My work from home business was anything but and my downline was quickly discouraged and quit.

I am 58 years old and a Pancreatic cancer survivor and passionate about my product. However, I took a huge financial hit from cancer. I also implement cold calling strategies that lead me nowhere. I took the information I learned from your course and messaged a few people from FB and instantly have three phone appointments set for tonight.
I am so happy that I purchased your course... It's only going to get better from here and will add to "my story". I can't thank you enough. I have such clarity now! Thank you for what you do!”

Network Marketing Professional
Next, meet Sara Scanlon.

Sara is a certified nutritionist and a stay-at-home mom with limited time to build her network marketing business. Shortly after working with me, her team growth EXPLODED.
These Strategies Were The Missing Link I Needed...
“Julie gave me the strategies I needed to not only brand myself online, but grow my Network Marketing business from a team of 500 to over 2,000 people in a short amount of time. All with Facebook and social media. These strategies were the missing link I needed. Now, as a global coach I can help people whether they’re in my backyard or halfway around the world, thanks to Julie!”

Sara Scanlon
Lifestyle Coach and Network Marketing Professional
After seeing the success of just some of my students, and the rapid results of using these strategies, my good friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos talked me into putting together a special training with him, revealing the nuts and bolts of the entire system and his Attraction Marketing Formula!

We’re calling it Social Media Recruiter. A complete step-by-step blueprint ANYONE can use to recruit and explode their network marketing business with social media.

You’ll get your hands on my bulletproof social media domination strategy. A simple 6 step formula for connecting with the right people… rapidly expanding your network… and…
Ferny Ceballos
Create A Never Ending Flow Of High Quality Prospects Who Are Ready And Eager To Join Your Business
The exact same process I've used to start from scratch… and build a powerful team of over 8,300 people in less than 4 years… using nothing but Facebook.

Here’s a little glimpse into what you’re going to discover…
  • The absolute BEST WAY to connect with people on Facebook without being salesy or spammy. There’s no need to beg (as many network marketers do)… when you become a PRO at creating working business relationships.
  • The one thing you should NEVER do when prospecting on social media. Lots of network marketers trip over this… which is making them look desperate, incompetent and outright annoying.
  • A FREE TOOL anyone can use to immediately gain credibility. You’ll quickly bring down the shield and break through any resistance in a cold market. (Julie will show you how to do this in less than 15 minutes.)
  • The RIGHT WAY to passively and actively prospect on Social Media… and why you need to do both to get the MAX number of people into your pipeline.
  • Facebook post creation secrets. 9 powerful ways to create a super engaging post and rally people around you. What you say matters greatly in WHO you attract, and whether they’ll want to follow you or ignore your message completely.
  • How to attract your IDEAL prospect. 6 posting tips that will ensure you get the attention of the RIGHT people… as well as the one type of message you NEVER EVER want to post on Facebook.
  • 5 magic words you can use to kick off any post that will make you sound credible, believable and INSTANTLY engage your readers in a conversation… leaving them hungry for more information.
  • Stop wasting your precious time with tire-kickers! Do you often get things like – “just send me some information”… and then never hear back from them? Here’s how to quickly turn the tables and make THEM do the selling instead. (There are 7 key things you MUST know about your prospect before you send them anything about your business or company… or even mention the word opportunity.)
  • Ever wonder when’s the right time to invite people to a company presentation? Most networkers do this WRONG by sending them at the worst time… and blow their chances of ever recruiting that person.
  • PLUS… you’ll find out how to best deal with prospects who are “too busy” to take a look at your business. You’ll quickly get them to commit to a time without all the follow-up drama.
  • Hate the idea of cold prospecting? Here’s proven method for turning ice cold strangers into…
Highly Motivated Prospects Who Reach Out To YOU!
You’ll know exactly what to say to people you don’t know without sounding weird or looking spammy. (This is how I personally sponsored 278 new reps in the cold market… the foundation of her massive 8.300 people organization.)

Other than my team and a handful of people I've personally trained, hardly anyone knows these shockingly simple, but extremely effective recruiting secrets.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even scratched the surface of everything you’re going to see and hear in this explosive training.

Here are even more sponsoring tactics and strategies you’ll get inside the Social Media Recruiter…
  • The VERY BEST time and frequency to post on Facebook for maximum reach and exposure.
  • 10 ways to immediately stand out in your prospect’s crowded newsfeed… GUARANTEED to grab their attention and see your message.
  • How to get others to send quality folks your way… without having to EVER ask (beg) for referrals.
  • How to properly take the conversation offline… you’ll create better rapport, solidify trust and move your prospect further into the recruiting process.
  • 6 key questions you can use to instantly control ANY conversation… as well as a simple 2 step method to stay in charge of any verbal exchange… WITHOUT being pushy, aggressive or overbearing. (This works great even if you’re an introvert.)
  • The “12 x 6 x 2 Rule” for super effective branding, maximum engagement and casting a compelling vision that resonates and emotionally connects with your prospects. This powerful posting formula will help you build a strong bond with your audience and entice others to WANT to be a part of your team.
  • How to become a MASTER RECRUITER… and have prospects virtually beg to join your team, by flat out refusing to sponsor some of them. This ONE TIP will eliminate frustration, boost your confidence and help you enroll LOTS of new people.
  • How to cut through the clutter and the noise with your own unique brand. 9 questions to help you dig deep and craft a one of a kind message which creates an instant emotional connection with your ideal prospects.
  • 9 Social Media recruiting sins almost everyone commits. Here’s exactly what NOT to do if you want to see some serious results… PLUS a list of unavoidable ground rules for maximum sponsoring success. (Many marketers ignore these rules and fall flat on their face.)
  • How to expand your reach and zero in on the most likely to join people with paid Facebook ads. You’ll discover 6 ways to use Facebook CIA like targeting ability to reach super high quality and the most likely to join prospects… starting with as little as a $5 budget.
  • How to use your phone camera and rapidly tap into the HOTTEST TREND on Facebook right now. This simple 3-step process will take you just minutes… yet can seriously magnify your prospecting efforts and send your recruiting numbers through the roof. (Julie recently used this to pocket $50,000 in a single month.)
And there’s much MUCH MORE!
It’s Time To Buck This Trend Of Failure… And Arm Network Marketers With The Right Tools For Success
This social media recruiting system is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the biggest problem every network marketer on the planet has… how and where to consistently find people to recruit… and do it WITHOUT any resistance or rejection.

So, you will NOT have to pay $1,000 or even $500. 

You can get the whole thing for just $149.

And that’s not all.

You’re also going to get 2 special FAST START BONUSES!

#1. Steal These Viral Posts: 25 Proven & Highly Engaging Post Ideas: You’ll get my TOP 25 post themes and ideas you can start using on Facebook the moment the training is over. These are proven and powerful ways to gain attention and engage with prospects on Facebook… so that they reach out to YOU, as well as share these with their friends.

#2. Million Dollar Scripts: 21 Word For Word Recruiting Scripts: These simple scripts have been worth close to a Million Bucks to Julie. You’ll never get stuck on how to bring up your business opportunity to a potential prospect… regardless of WHO you talk to. You’ll get Julie’s 21 very best and easy to use conversation starters no matter what the situation is.

Whether you want to approach a friend or a relative who you think is a good fit… or someone you’ve just come across on Facebook… with these proven openers and follow-up scripts you’ll know exactly what to say.
Here is what others had to say about the training...
"This was so worth it! My mind just opened a ton of new horizons on how to market my skills and not just my mlm! This has changed my whole outlook, thank you!!" - Sue Lynn Smith

"Absolutely fantastic training! What a game changer! I've had training on using social media for growing a network marketing community, but none have been better than this!" -Ruthanne Giordano

"Thank you Julie, I have been looking for the past 4 months to find a step by step specific to Recruiting and you have given it to me, I am looking forward to seeing what I can achive in 2017." - Lisa Pace-Renata

"It's so worth attending this webinar. I was so happy to wake up at 2 am to be ready to attend the live at 3 am. I was looking forward to it. Thank you a million!!" - Fusano Nagashima, Tokyo, Japan

"Julie, your training so resonates with my personality. I kept trying to duplicate the top earners in my company. I was trying to be coachable but everytime I did what I was trained to do I felt ucky. I'm sure my prospects could sense that. Your method builds on what I am learning at EMP. Thank you Ferny and Julie for these tools to build my business." 
- Connie Suarez

"Julie's Social Media Training is simple to implement. I am ready to take clear action on multiple levels from what she taught. She over-delivered." - Lorena Hawkins

"Thanks Julie! One of the most in-depth and practical training webinars I have been part of. Got huge value from it and will start implementing today. Worth the 4 am morning!" - Gisela Done

"Thank you so much for the super awesome amazing training!!! I'm so psyched to kick it into high gear and already started connecting with others. So blessed to have a Mentor like you!" - Rebecca Karner
So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.
But don't wait! This offer is only good for a limited time!
I Went From 50 Facebook Fans To Over 2,200 In Just Weeks...
“As a busy Mom who home schools her children, I was looking for ways to brand myself and learn how I can attract more people with Facebook. Within a few weeks of working with Julie, my Facebook fan page exploded from 50 followers to over 2,200 fans. Julie’s social media strategies are priceless and they work!”

Heather Glaze
- Stay-At-Home Mom, Network Marketing Professional
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