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The Rapid Enrollment System is the absolute FASTEST way to generate BIG results in your business while getting clarity & focus .
There's no more guessing and no more frustration!
Inside this course we cover Prospecting, Team Building, 21st Century Sales, Attraction Marketing, Rejection Free Closing, Leadership and much more.
Let me guess...
You know you need a solid social media plan, but you don’t know what you need to do to get things started. ..

You’re frustrated with your results but you want to live a life that matters and reach your potential...

You just want to be told WHAT to do and HOW to do it to see real results on social media (more leads, more customers, and more teammates)...
that's All OVER!
WARNING: This course has NO Fluff, No Hype, ONLY Straightforward Tactics with Endless Value
Here's what you're going to get:

1. The COMPLETE step-by-step training program with LIFETIME ACCESS -
(follow along and get results, without getting bogged down by unnecessary details)

2. Learn my proven BAM Method - what you need to do to create your brand positioning that will allow you to attract the most qualified people online so you can STOP wasting your time with uninterested prospects and chasing your warm market.

3. Learn how to sell without "actually" selling to your market - I will teach you how to position yourself and present what you offer in a way that leaves you feeling authentic and excited rather than coming off spammy by doing things that don't resignate with you. 

4. The Rapid Enrollment System TECH FREE System - Watch over my shoulder as I teach you the steps that I took to build a thriving organization and generate an income from zero to 6 Figures in 12 months... without the pain and struggle. You'll also receive workbooks within each module that will get you moving in the right direction to build your business with complete confidence. 

5. The Irresistible Social Intrigue Method - So you can sift, sort and qualify your loyalty customers or power partners without chasing them down.

6. The Rejection Free Enrollment - Word-for-word scripts and templates for getting more reps, without dragging people along or dealing with rejection.

7. Everything You Need to Get Your Team Duplicating Your Results - So you can create a growth surge, increase your bonus checks and start rapidly advancing up the ranks.


A Private FB Group - I'm making myself available to answer your questions! 

No Dirty Sales Gimmicks... 

No More Bugging Friends and Family... 

No Dealing With Tire Kickers... 

No Rejection...

How does that sound???
This is what Kathy J. had to say about Silent Recruiting Method...
“SRM is jam packed with great information on how to take your business to the next level. Each module is well thought out and with step-by-step instructions and real life examples of how to take action and see real results. 

Within Weeks from starting Julie’s course, I have not only increased my confidence but have started to see growth in my business. I personally sponsored 6 people within 7 days and 2 business builders utilizing her strategies.  

She helped me let go of some mindset blocks that were holding me back. I'm now extremely excited to take my business to the next level and be the best possible leader that I can be. Julie your passion and drive are contagious, thank you for this course." 
Next Meet Clive...
"I had been in network marketing for the past year and had some success but seemed  to have hit a plateau. I had no problem walking up to people in the street and telling them about my business opportunity and managed to sponsor some people that way, but then struggled to get them inspired to build their own team. The Silent Recruiting Method course absolutely blew me away. It lasted 6 weeks and it’s full of fantastic informative videos, audio casts and written workbooks. The live aspect is incredible and she is so full of knowledge and information. On 3 occasions, a special guest expert was brought in to add value too. This course is absolutely worth every penny I spent on it. 

Julie really over delivered and I feel confident that success for me is now just a matter of  applying her principles. Thank you Julie"
Listen to what these people had to say about Rapid Enrollment System...
Within this course you'll create...
  •  Unique Advantage in Your Business by Developing an Irresistible Personal Brand
  •  Curiosity Posts to Draw Your Prospects In
  •  Content That Effortlessly Has People Reaching Out To You
  •  Intense Desire With an Value First Strategy That Engages Your Audience and Keeps Them Connected to You 
  •  Maximized Sales and Signups with a Bulletproof Follow Up Process After Your First Exposure
Here’s what you’re going to learn…
Module 1: Transform Your Success Mindset
In this module you'll learn...
  •  10 Mindset Hacks to Remove Internal Blocks so You Can Start Building the Business You Desire
  •  How to Quickly Shift Your Relationship With Money and How It Can Be Affecting Your Business
  •  6 Steps to Create What You Want, Now
  •  How to Get Unstoppable Confidence and Become Bulletproof 
Module 2: Brand, Attract, Monetize
In this module you'll learn...
  • Bring Your Brand to Life in the Discovery Phase & Simplify Your Message
  •  Build Out Your ‘Ideal Prospect & Teammate’ So You Can Only Attract The Highest Quality People Who You LOVE Doing Business With 
  •  My In Depth Training to Teach You How to Utilize Social Media to Build a Rapid Following (Even If You’re Brand New) 
  •  Build a Thriving Business Utilizing Video Marketing – Even if You’re an Introvert. How I went from Zero to 5 Figures in 60 Days.
Module 3: 21st Century Sales
In this module you'll learn...
  • How to Authentically Sell and Market Yourself and Your Product/Service or Opportunity to 10X Results
  •  Easily Sift, Sort and Qualify Prospects With Saying Less and Asking More of the Right Questions  
  •  Ignite Your Presentation – Proven Ways to Create a Solid & Simplified Presentation That Sells 
  •  Follow Up Techniques to Motivate Your Prospect Into Taking Action 
Module 4: The Objection Overhaul
In this module you'll learn...
  • Release Your Fear of Sales: Define, Simplify and Grow
  • 6 Step Formula to Win Over the Objection  
  • Identify the Most Common Objections and How to Overcome Them With Total Ease
  • Learn the Different Responses to Overcome Each Objection that Fits Your Personality Type.
Module 5: Easy Close Methodology
In this module you'll learn...
  • 8 Key Principles You Must Know to Close Your Prospect With Complete Confidence
  •  Know the Exact Questions to Ask to Move the Conversation Forward  
  •  A Step-by-Step Stress-Free Enrolling Blueprint 
  •  How to Ask For the Commitment That Will Lead your Prospect to the “Yes”
Module 6: The 30X Duplication Process
In this module you'll learn...
  •  What it Takes to Become a Duplicating Leader
  •  How to Design a Duplication System that Offers Massive Results for Your Team and Their Success 
  •  The Top Reasons Why People Quit and How to Effectively Communicate With Your Team to Build A Team That Sticks, Produces And Stays 
  •  How to Create Leaders, Inspire and Build Retention Throughout Your Organization Without Spending All Your Time On Calls
Plus, You Get All These Bonuses...
Bonus #1
3-Way Messenger Recruiting Scripts
  • The exact words to send your prospects without being “spammy,” without vomiting on people, and without sounding like an infomercial.
(Value $147)
Bonus #2
Step-By-Step Video Marketing Guide
  • A step-by-step breakdown of how to create an engaging FB Live , plus all the scripts, formulas and all the downloads you need.
(Value $97)
Bonus #3
Done For You Social Media Images
  • Over 50 high quality, ready to use graphics for you to swipe and add your own logo and quote for engaging social media posts.
(Value $197)
Bonus #4
Rapid Enrollment System Facebook Group
  • I'm making myself and my team available to answer your questions in our private Facebook Group!
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Here's What Others Had To Say...
Ashley O.
“Seriously, the quality of content and the value you provide in this course is amazing!! Wow!!

My confidence around my business was really dropping before I began with SRM and now I have such a new level of excitement. You helped me to bring in a fresh perspective into my business and I love everything you are teaching!!

You are also so relateable as a fellow busy mama! Thank you, thank you Julie!” 
"Julie is an incredible mentor and coach. She is immensely knowledgeable and very experienced. She has this tremendous ability to relate to her students and create the desire to work hard, feel empowered and have the drive continue to learn. I cannot emphasize how inspiring Julie has been to me in my personal journey into navigating the online world of network marketing. Having the ability to work directly with her and learn through her Silent Recruiting Method training course was an extremely valuable experience for me. She is truly one of those "golden nuggets" you want to hang on to!"
Torrey P.
Cassie F.
"Julie’s training honestly was exactly what I needed! I feel like I'm reinventing myself!  The tools she provided are simple and easy to implement! You know when you are trying to build, make things happen, and be a good leader we all tend to over think things and maybe get a little lost! 
This course is a complete guideline for me to take not only my business to the next level , but I believe will help me be a better leader! I'm excited to see where this journey will take me in the next 6 months! “
“Just finishing up with your Silent Recruiting Method and I gotta say I was totally blown away by  the above and beyond value you provided in this course!  Having purchased and gone through your Social Media Recruiter course, I was a little skeptical that there could be much more to cover after that great course.  Boy was I wrong!!  I really love the way you laid it out one week at a time so as not to overwhelm us, and having the group interaction was awesome as well.  And all those scripts and zoom calls...what can I say...You truly have a heart of gold and definitely know your stuff when it comes to attraction marketing!  So grateful that our paths crossed, and for your great mentorship.  Keep em coming...I'm a Lifer!!   Love ya lady!!”
Betsy C.
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