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This Kick Start Training to Empower Women Entrepreneurs to Rise and Thrive through Developing an Exclusive Online Branding Experience
I'll teach you the same strategies I used to generate 3-5 leads every day!
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Tired of having misinformation about building your brand?

Are you worried about putting yourself out there in fear of what others will think?

I am NOT teaching you cookie-cutter applications of brand pyramids or spider diagrams. Instead we're going to dive deep into the core of your brand identity so your message will shine through.

Building up your brand is about taking action and implementing new things along the way.

It’s highlighting the aspects that make you different

There is so much economic uncertainty and fear out there these days, plus technology is advancing at exponential rates, so building a brand that stands out for your audience is absolutely key in an entrepreneur’s world.
Story Brand Academy Is For You...
  •  If you love what to do and want to share it with others…
  •  If you want to work with more of the right people instead of those that make excuses and drag along… 
  •  If you want to create an impact and know you have something that can change other people’s lives and businesses… 
  •  If you want to improve, because even though you’re good, you want to become better and have a deeper understanding of how to brand with ease… 
  •  If you want clients to hire you for what you do best… 
  •  If you want fans and followers who love and respect your opinion and advice to join you…  
  •  If you want a quicker path to profitability… 

    See What Others Are Saying About This Program...

    Story Brand Academy is about you stepping out into the light...which can be a bit frightening, but being scared and doing it anyways is what will separate you from every other struggling entrepreneur.

    Only the bold that create a kick butt brand will effortlessly attract the right customers, clients and team members to them...and be able to command premium prices.
    Do you want to live in fear or are you ready to thrive?
    Do you want to putter along like most other self-employed people, always looking for your next prospect? 

    Network constantly, always trying to sell instead of having confidence that the right opportunity will close itself?

    Here's What You'll Find Inside of Story Brand Academy

    LESSON 1:
    Create Your Fierce Brand Persona and Get Laser Focused on Your Ideal Target Market so You Can Start Gain Clarity to Attract that Quality Client
    LESSON 2:
    Finally Get Confident and Conquer Your Fears, Limiting Beliefs and Banish Your BS
    LESSON 3:
    Discover How to Share Your Personal Story in a Way that Connects & Has Leads Pursuing You
    LESSON 4:
    Learn how to tell your story and share the power of your journey with others.  

    Plus, Exclusive Bonus Workbooks! 

    • Define your target audience and attract the right people to you!
    • ​Humanize your brand and give it a personality others want to be around. 
    • ​Create core values for yourself and who you want to associate with - don't leave it up to chance!
    • ​Develop proof points so your audience can believe in the mission you are building and promote it for you!
    • ​​Generate content that your ideal customer, client or business partner want to consume regularly! 
    • ​Master the message so no matter which platform you use your audience knows exactly what you stand for!
    • ​Get clarity on your personal branding message 

    Only $197 
    Get It Now $97

    "Julie is so real, down to earth and knowledgeable. She helps you to overcome your fears, get out of your own way and start doing what you need to change your business. Her trainings are packed with amazing information, but never overwhelming. And she is with you every step of the way! Best investment by far!!" -Allison V. 
    "Julie Burke not only gets results in her business but helps network marketers achieve results in their business as well. She gives practical relevant advice and coaching that sets you on a pathway to success. My marketing and branding strategy has improved and I've gained clarity with my message since working with Julie. If you want to see your business skills jump to the next level, then I recommend Julie." - Elizabeth G.
    "I learned a lot about branding me for who I am instead of who I think my audience wants me to be. This has allowed me to feel comfortable sharing content, growing my brand and also to attract the right people in my corner and start the sales conversation. Thank you Julie for sharing your knowledge and giving me vision going forward.  - Michelle S. 

    A definition of success might be all about the money and that’s cool, but it’s limiting and vague. This is about bringing life to you and your audience so you can generate not only a thriving income, but a legacy that will last and influence.

    Love + Attract + Mindset + Profits = Story Brand Academy

    This is my LAMP Formula which is to Ignite that Spark Within, Kick up the Boldness and put yourself out there in a way that people CAN’T ignore you!
    Ready to get started???

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    I want you to embrace Simplicity, Focus, and Clarity, and Allow You to take Imperfect Action to Become Your Own Unique Message!!!
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    "Julie Burke is an amazing leader in network marketing and so when her course (Story Brand Academy) opened up again I jumped at the chance to learn from Julie along with a great group of entrepreneurs. Her course took me from lacking direction in my personal branding to truly understanding who I was and how I should present myself to the marketplace. I went from fearful to fabulous on my Facebook lives and won a company award and ranked up in the same month. Thank you so much Julie!"

    - Michelle L.
    "Julie helped me find clarity in my direction, inspired me to step through my fear and find confidence in putting myself out there. She truly cares about your results. If you're struggling, stuck or unsure of what the heck to do, Julie will get you on track."

    - Bonnie P.
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